Peggy Farrell Artist Portfolio
"Oblong Schools no. 11" and me at the Santa Cruz Museum of Art and HistoryLight Aqua School No. 9Small School Aqua No. 10Oblong School No. 8Large Oblong School No.11Light Aqua Schools No. 9Small school Aqua No. 10School no.1Aqua School no.2Square Aqua School no.3Diamond School no. 4Small Schools no. 5detail of Small Schools no. 5Schools no. 6School in a Cave No. 7detail of School in a CaveRed Moon RisingPaintings up in the studio
New Oils "Schools" and one last Moon
This summer I had the opportunity to spend almost every day painting in my studio. I tried a new technique involving a whole lot more paint and my paint knife instead of a brush. It was very freeing and I ended up creating quite a few paintings in my "Schools" collection. Enjoy!